The Mighty | Catch up on stories you may have missed this week | 24 August 2018

Catch up on stories you may have missed on ‘The Mighty’ this week  >>>

8 Professional Male Athletes Who Raise Awareness for Down Syndrome  |  by Ellen Stumbo on Down Syndrome

20 ‘Legit’ Self-Care Ideas (for When Bubble Baths Just Don’t Cut It)  |  by Kayla Balserak on Depression

A woman with a flower in front of her mouth

21 ‘Little’ Victories That Are Actually Huge Wins When You Have Depression  |  by Juliette Virzi on Depression

When Depression Makes You Feel ‘Invisible’   by Giulia on Depression

What Overthinking Actually Is — Because It’s So Much More Than Worrying by Thought Catalog on Anxiety

My Pain Was Not From Being ‘Too Sensitive’ by Angela Hartlin on Chronic Pain

What Love Is When You Parent Kids With Disabilities  |  by MaryEllen Pollard on Cerebral Palsy

4 Unique Ways You Can Get Involved With Pain Awareness Month  |  by Haley Quinn on Chronic Pain



What’s happening in the #mental health community on ‘The Mighty’:

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