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  News Medical |Dermatology Newsletter |  31 May 2018

Latest!  News Medical |Diabetes Newsletter | 20 August 2018 

Latest! News Medical |  Endocrinology  Newsletter |  1 August 2018

Shutterstock |Catinsyrup

Latest!  News Medical |  Respiratory Diseases  |  13 August 2018

New! News Medical |Sleep Disorder Newsletter | 13 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical | Pediatrics Newsletter | 22 August 2018

bright cardiac cardiology care
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Latest!  News Medical | Cardiology Newsletter  |  21 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Alzheimer’s Newsletter | 10 August 2018

Inflammation and Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer’s disease on MRI. Image Credit: Atthapon Raksthaput / Shutterstock


Latest!  News Medical |  Medical Device Newsletter  |  17 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter  |  1 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Rheumatology Newsletter  |  3 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Cholesterol Newsletter  |  15 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Genetics Newsletter  |  22 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Biochemistry Newsletter  |  21 August 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Genomics Newsletter  |  2 July 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Rare Diseases Newsletter  |  31 July 2018

Latest!  News Medical |  Neurology Newsletter  |  30 July 2018

New therapeutic approach may delay neurodegeneration in rare genetic disease

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 FibroFlutters continuously

Advocating for a Multi-Disciplinary approach to all aspects of medical healthcare. With a model approach using all the ‘stakeholders’ I’ve designed a patient’s perspective of what patient-centred care, patient-included, patient-involved, patient-centric should look like and involve, that’s everyone by the way! 

You all need to pitch in!!

FibroFlutters – Support Group for people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, EDS/Hypermobility, Mental health, Chronic fatigue/Me, Rare & others offering friendship, support & advice in Sunderland, NE UK and across the globe

Please can you read our Disclaimer & Privacy notes and if you have a problem we are always open to discussion, just e-mail Carole



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