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Choc Fudge Cake recipe originally shared on 26th July 2015 by fellow Chronic illness Blogger ‘When Tania Talks’.  Including, what is FODMAP? links to find out more.

When I first spotted this post by whentaniatalks I must admit it was the words ‘chocolate fudge cake’ that won me over, I mean, I don’t know many of my friends that would pass up on such a cake.

… Mmmmmmmm a possible a good birthday cake 🙂

or an anytime cake 😉

whentaniatalks. – fodmap chocolate fudge cake recipe

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What is FODMAP?

Not really knowing what FODMAP is I chose to look it up to get a better understanding of what it is all about.  I already knew it was a special, and, particular diet being used by people with specific dietry / gastro problems such as IBS and felt it was appropriate to share the information about it with everyone else as I am one of many members / followers of FibroFlutters with such health issue.


The following links to The IBS Network give a fantastic explanation.

To gain access to further information you may need to register as a member and log in.

FODMAP > Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols.

“A collection of poorly absorbed simple, and, complex sugars that are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, and also in milk, and wheat”….

….click the link – ‘What are FODMAPS? below to read more.

Home Page – The IBS Network

What are FODMAPS?


At the WebMD  – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Health Center you will find another explanation about how you may not need to cut out all of these carb-sugary foods from your diet.  Click the link below to read more.

What is fodmap?  Giving foods another chance.

Will Avoiding Carbs Called “FODMAPs” Ease IBS?

Opening paragraph:

“Once your tummy calms down, you can bring back foods one at a time at a rate of one item per week. You might discover that you’re only sensitive to one or two FODMAP carbs, not all of them.”

Seriously though!   IBS and other diseases, illnesses and health problems related to the stomach / digestion / bowel / food allergens & intolerances can be very painful, stressful, depressing and, life-changing.  Having to give up certain foods can be very stressful and difficult with temptation in every grocery shop you that you go into.  Not to mention the fact that leaving the house to go anywhere is often just not an option as being within close proximity of a bathroom is required.

I remember my dad when he had bowel cancer and the strict diet that he had to have, not to mention how he hated not being able to have his favourite foods.  That was in the 1980’s when I was young and did not understand really what was happening.  Now as an adult I am experiencing something similar and understand the frustrations that he had.  I have IBSc myself because of the pain meds, but, I also have episodes of IBSd if I eat certain foods such as fruit and vegetables, or, take certain medications such as diclofenac and certain anti-biotics.

My mom has lived with IBS for many years and I have learnt a lot from her and to be honest what she does… works for her! 😉  Her approach to it has been purely natural and she has spent decades trying to keep it at bay through controlling her diet.  I am no different in the fact over the years I have worked to found out what triggers my attacks so that I can avoid setting them off… still a works in progress!

During my time with social media I have been taught many things by what information others have also shared, including this recipe that I am yet to try…

… It will be wishful thinking to hope for one for my birthday  😉