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via The effect of health goals on health outcomes (study) – Counting My Spoons.

This is an interesting read by Julie Ryan based on a study re: health goals & health outcomes.

Where do you fit in?

I have been through them all 1>2>3>2  up to date and am currently being in control of my own health and what is best for me, personally of course!  It still involves doctor visits and consultantancies, medicines and all that jazz, but I am in positive control of what my needs and wants are, what I can and cannot manage, what is good and what is bad for me and no longer care what others think about me & my array of medical health problems

I learned a number of years ago that there was no cure-all for me and in fact all I ever wanted was recognition of the problems existing and guidance as to how I could survive living with chronic pain and it’s pals that come along with it.  It took 20yrs to get diagnosed so I thought in the end I’d be cured… for a long time! As soon as my health plummetted it dawned on me that diagnosis or not I wasn’t going to be cured.

For me Cluster 3 and social validation was a long and very hard journey, and in fact one which will probably never end due to the nature of my #chronic illnesses.  I eventually stopped giving a monkey’s about social validation and returned to looking after myself the best ways I knew how.  It’s no-where near perfect but I’m surviving my Fibro, my EDS, my constant headaches, skin diseases, the fog, the varying types of pain, anxiety & depression… Oh! enough of that.

Where are you now, what cluster do you fit into atm?

Are you pre/post diagnosis?

Let me know what you think 🙂

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