Fibromyalgia and Me

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Tea For Two

I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia (fibro) for almost four years now – you can read my pain story here. For those of you who read my blog and are less familiar with the condition I thought I’d do a little write up about it for you here, and explain the symptoms I experience. All symptoms are unique to every sufferer, and as there is such a vast range of them, it’d be impossible for me to list them all here without me having to recover in bed for the next ten days. So, here we go;

  • The main symptom associated with fibro is widespread pain, quickly followed up by fatigue.
  • The pain is all over the body, worse in some areas, and can be burning, throbbing, stabbing or a deep ache. Pain can worsen and ease depending on stress levels, exertion, weather changes and your health.
  • Fatigue is not like…

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