Treatment Tuesday ~ My Lyme Story

My Lyme Story by Chronic blogger The Person Next To You, link to her blog is below

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Updated June 2017 / October 2019

The Person Next to You

Of all the things I write about here on my blog, I realized that I have never told my Lyme story.  I have been asked many many times, and I suppose it would be good to put it out there.  Maybe it will help someone else that is on the same path with trying to get answers from doctors about what is going on with their health.

I was born with a hole in my heart, and had an open heart surgery when I was five.  As a kid, I seemed to be prone to medical problems, and had many surgeries by the time I was 10.  I knew what a ventricular septal defect was before I knew how to play with Barbie dolls.  Sounds dramatic, but it is true.

As a teen, I always had issues with my heart racing.  I figured out (on my own) how to do…

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