Morgan Freeman: Giving A Voice To Fibromayalga

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Morgan Freeman has one of the most recognizable voices in the Hollywood. So much so, Morgan Freeman is one of the top 10 shared meme quotes. His voice has played the likes of cartoon characters to the Creator God, all of which have been well-received and he’s received a few awards as well.

'Now You See Me' New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals Source: Jim Spellman / Getty

But his voice was nearly silenced from a car accident in 2008, where the car he was driving flipped and rolled, left Freeman and a friend to be pulled from the car using the Jaws of Life. Despite surgery to repair nerve damage, he was stuck with a useless left hand. It is stiffly gripped by a compression glove most of the time to ensure that blood doesn’t pool there. It is a clamp, his pain, an icy shot up a relatively useless limb. He doesn’t show it often, but there are…

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