Serenely Sunday | A Meander through the Meadow | #NationalMeadowDay

In honour of #NationalMeadowDay I am sharing some meadow sounds compilations to help with sleep and relaxation that could be used with techniques such as Guided meditation/imagery or Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercises (PMR). As a child I walked a lot and I used to love being out in the wilderness whether it was somewhere in… Read More Serenely Sunday | A Meander through the Meadow | #NationalMeadowDay

Sunday Inspiration: Guided Meditation – Julie Ryan – Counting My Spoons

This is a great read by Julie Ryan – discussing ‘Guided Meditation’ and how you could get started …. based on a post she read on Pillow Fort entitled “Meditation and Self Care: Where to begin” via Sunday Inspiration: Guided Meditation – Counting My Spoons.