Ellen Bayens | The Celiac Scene e-News – February Edition!

Ellen Bayens | The Celiac Scene News | Issue: February 2020

Your Gluten-Free Guide to Victoria, Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands!
Restaurant Reviews! Celiac News! What to See & Do in Gluten-Free Paradise!

News from The Celiac Scene

  • Celiac Disease Research – The Good News Continues
  • Feeling Fatigued on the Gluten-Free Diet? Here’s Why
  • Bacteria May Trick Autoimmune System Into Targeting Gluten
  • McGill University Seek 18-29 Year Old Diabetics for Food Survey

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Interview with Michelle Laforest, CEO of Coeliac Australia

The Mystery & Magic of Gluten-Free Flours, Starches & Binders

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Check out these lists offering more than 60 gluten-free fast-food restaurants in Canada and a whopping 250 restaurants across the United States

Remember – these listings are a guide, NOT a guarantee. ALWAYS Ask Gluten-Free Questions and determine for yourself whether any given location, chef or server can deliver on their gluten-free promise.


Daily Gluten-Free Buffet @ Royal Spice Victoria
Daily Specials @ Rawthentic Eatery
Daily Specials @ Union Street Grill
Daily Feature Sheet @ Six Mile Pub
Taco Revolution @ Red Arrow Brewing – $3 Tuesdays
Kids Eat Free @Pirate Chips Nanaimo – Tuesdays

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