Patient Newsletters  |    8 June / 19 May 2019

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This posting is to raise awareness of ‘Patient’ who work in association with the NHS, through sharing their newsletter and the services that they provide for patients.

An information and community based platform that has been around for while and has developed into a fabulous place for patients to meet other patients as well as get professional advice.
In order to read the content of these newsletters you must click the newsletter links and if you like what they offer then please sign-up to receive them into your inbox, and share – Many thanks for helping us to support them and the work that they do.
~ Carole
#chronicillnessVOICE editor, FibroFlutters CEO, Co-F and website manager


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    • Patient Newsletter | Subject: Does stress cause weight gain? | 8 June 2019
    • Patient Newsletter | Subject: Could you have a food allergy? | 19 May 2019
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  1. re item about allergy. There was a piece on Channel 4 Dispatches saying that our known allergies pretty much started after WWII. No coincidence methinks and reinforces my beliefs in pollution etc

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