New research from Pain Concern on easing pain appointments | Pain Concern |  October 2018


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New research from Pain Concern on easing pain appointments | Pain Concern |  October 2018

Helping focus pain appointments with the Navigator Tool

This edition has been funded by funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance and Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation

Adam Wilson | Broadcast Assistant | Pain Concern said in his correspondence –

“In 2015 Pain Concern released its report ‘Breaking barriers to self-management of chronic pain in primary care’, marking the end of the first part of its ‘Breaking Barriers’ project. Its aim was to highlight the commonly occurring barriers that patients faced during one-to-one appointments with healthcare professionals, and to advance the primary care management of chronic pain.

Phase two of the project was to produce a ‘navigator tool’ to break down those barriers and prepare patients and GPs in order make the most out of their appointments. Phase two is now complete, and in this edition of Airing Pain, Paul Evans speaks to the researchers, patients, and healthcare professionals that allowed this project to happen.”

More information:

The Navigator Tool is free to download from Pain Concern’s website along with the study, the report, FAQs, and a wealth of resources from experts into managing long term pain. Just visit


–    Dr John Hardman – GP, Navigator Tool study participant   
–    Professor Blair Smith – Scottish Government Lead Clinician for Chronic Pain, Professor of Population Heath Science, University of Dundee
–    Dr Louise Bailey – GP, Navigator Tool study participant   
–    Renee Blomkvist – Pain Concern researcher for the Navigator Tool
–    Lucy Murphy – Patient, Navigator Tool study participant

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