A few FREE Health apps & e-books

Fabulous ideas!

This post shares a few e-books and Apps that have passed through my social media timelines, or my e-mail inbox.

Admittedly, I have not personally tested these products so cannot give you any reviews.

If you do try any of these Apps and feel confident to write a review send it to me at fibroflutters@gmail.com

How Digital Technology is Helping Patients Manage Chronic Pain | PainScale

  1. Do you want to easily track your chronic pain?
  2. Do you want a tracker for a specific type of pain such as low back, or migraine?
  3. This downloadable App gives a few pain tracker options to help you manage pain types.

PainScale is a website and mobile application platform designed to help patients better manage their chronic pain journey.

Find the App and many more pain management tools for ‘Patients’, join their community and opt-in for e-news via their website  >>>

Are you a Physician / General practicioner?

The average patient with chronic pain spends 4.5 years trying to find a treatment for their condition?
PainScale is a trusted resource doctors can offer patients to manage their pain.

Follow this link is you’re a Professional  >>>


Selfie medicine: Phone apps push people to take their pills  |   by Carla K. Johnson  28 March 2018

Opening line:

‘Take two tablets and a selfie? Your doctor’s orders may one day include a smartphone video to make sure you took your medicine.’

© 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved


FREE Apps!  7 free walking apps  | sourced from British Heart Foundation  Newsletter |  25 March 2018

‘If you’re planning a weekend walk, why not track your progress on your smartphone?

There are lots of apps to help you plan your route, navigate, and share your exploits with family and friends. We’ve picked 7 of the best.’  Quote from newsletter

Visit the British Heart Foundation website and sign up for their newlsetters for healthy living – healthy heart news and lots more…  >>>



Free E-book: Inviting Patients to the Center of Drug Development  |  ZS  

In this e-book, ZS experts share a four-pillar framework designed to help life sciences companies put patients at the center of all drug development activities.


‘To help clinical trials adopt a foundation that values patient input—and, ultimately, improves patient outcomes—drug developers need to view trial participants as strategic partners instead of research subjects.’

Sourced via  >>>

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


More products may be added over time and others may be removed at any time.


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