Barriers to Patient-Centered Research Aired at Harvard Symposium | EMR & HIPAA |  Andy Oram  |  2 July 2018

Barriers to Patient-Centered Research Aired at Harvard Symposium | EMR & HIPAA |    |  2 July 2018

An interesting read in this current climate of everyone aiming for patient centred approaches.  I only said myself last year that research was a little bit behind, but here in the UK things are changing and making it different to the US.  Personally speaking, from what I read, and hear, involving patient care in research is evolving, and, ‘it’, like any other directional change within business will not happen overnight.  One must remember all the constraints behind research to begin with before throwing us patients into the fold on top of it.  Regulations and policies are growing in number constantly putting limitations on research in places where the connections between research and patients needs to be.

My personal opinion is that possibly, because obviously I can’t say for definite, there are too many ‘policies’, and a lot of them are probably quite outdated,

Q)  Do they spoil the broth!?

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‘Involving patients in patient care is a surprisingly recent concern. There was a time when doctors made all the decisions, delivering them as if they had come directly from the entrails of an oracular temple. Visitors were severely limited at hospitals, because family members just got in the way of the professional staff. And although the attitude toward engaging patients and their families has softened somewhat in health care, rigid boundaries still exist in research.’ 

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