Oh! the ‘im-patients’ of it all!

Patients are Getting ‘im-patient’

Hello everyone

Myself, and Sonia a fellow FibroFlutters Founding Five Member, have been lucky enough to be part of the early development team for a new idea which arose a few weeks ago –

Alongside many other fabulous patient advocates and fabulous supporters we are helping to design this patient-led conference!

A project suggested in Barcelona that we have been assisting with.

No it is not our project but a TEAM project of folks from all kinds of backgrounds with health and/or pharma.

Please, sign up if you wish to join us and share your ideas for the event. What’s your question for pharma

A chance to share your #patientvoice

We’re putting on a pharma conference where patients are the ones to design, create and implement the programme. This way, patients really are setting the agenda.

It will be the first ever ‘im-patient’ event and it will take place later this year, however, for now there is a tight deadline on inviting those who want to contribute ideas or take part.


Want to know more about it, go to  >>> 


Go on!

Come and help, share your ideas and join us on this ‘im-patient’ venture and help to make changes happen. 


#patientsincluded  #patientgroups

#PatientVoice  #PatientLed  #PatientAdvocacy  #Pharma

Please share

Pass it on to other patient groups like ours so we can gather as many ideas as possible to, ‘really’, set the agenda.


Wishing you all wellness and looking forward to you taking part

Many thanks for reading

Carole Sian Scrafton (CEO) FibroFlutters & Founding Five Member



FibroFlutters supporting the ‘im-patient’ conference