What is Neuroinflamation? | Video via YouTube| Dr Jarred Younger / Younger Lab (YouTube channel)

Okay, so people with chronic illness talk about inflammation all the time, but, you don’t get to hear about, ‘neuro-inflammation’, and what it actually is when you’re down the town and bump into your mates, and then go and have a discussion about it.  I suppose that will be because it isn’t a trending subject matter at the minute, just yet, within the general chronic illness communities. 

Academics, and people who are inclined that way, usually read the research papers when published, but many average Joe’s find the jargon too complex and exhausting to read, including myself, and ditch reading before half way through!  It can take me several attempts to read or watch something before getting all of it.

I admit I am guilty of doing that   😮

I am academically minded myself, and have ditched reading research papers because they waffle on too much in a language only known to them, which sends my mind wandering off, the irony of me saying that!  LOL 😀


Dr Jarred Younger  Phd and the team at YoungerLab record educational video shorts which explain some of these things and the link below takes you to a video where Dr Jarred Younger talks about ‘neuro-inflammation’

  • What is ‘inflammation‘?
  • How does the human body fight inflammation?
  • What is ‘neuro-inflammation‘?
  • What is the difference between them?

Follow this link below to find out how neuro-inflammation may be the driving force behind many chronic illnesses including Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, but is also a questionable force behind chronic pain disorders such as Fibromyalgia and also Chronic Fatigue 🙂

What is neuro-inflamation? | Video via YouTube  | Dr Jarred Younger / Younger Lab (YouTube channel)

Published on Apr 4, 2016

A short video explaining the general concept of neuroinflammation and how it may drive pain, fatigue and other chronic conditions.





I hope you have found this interesting and educational, I found Dr Jarred Younger Phd fairly easy to understand.  He is clear with his explanations and I am now looking forward to the next installment.

If you’re like me and have the attention span of a goldfish you’ll be glad to hear that it is approx 5 1/2 minutes in length so not too long that it’s easy to find yourself somewhere else! 


At university my friend used to record our lectures on a dictophone because he was dyslexic, which, I later found out that it was a brilliant way to combat the zoning out, which would often occur on my part during some of the lectures 🙂  That was a long time before even knowing what fatigue was, or, Fibromyalgia.  Excellent method of a coping strategy for fatigue when in lecture type environment.

What did you think?

… and, are you looking forward to the next installment??


Click this link > to learn about Dr Jarred Younger, Ph.D.

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Many thanks for reading    🙂