They tried to take my FREEDOM, but I fought back!

Hello and THANKYOU to my family, friends, members and followers across social media platforms.

I just wished to relay to you how much I have appreciated the support and advice that you have given me throughout the duration of my Benefit transfer from DLA to PIP.  Thankyou very much for having my back and proving that a #supportnetwork can be crucial during times like this!

Also a huge thanks to for their guides and templates to help deal with DWP benefits and social care issues.  Also Citizens Advice and Gov.UK

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They tried to take my freedom but I fought back!

They initially only awarded me standard rate social care, which I was actually happy with, and only standard rate Mobility but I fought back to keep my #freedom, #independence and for my survival with an eight page letter of request for mandatory reconsideration regarding the mobility component…

…which was surprisingly successful  😀

The decision was overturned and I was awarded Mobility at enhanced rate meaning that I can still lease a power chair from Motability.  Motability help people to have and experience freedom and independence with their disabilities and illness.

Link to Motability  >>>

I am happy with my positive outcome but my heart will still feel for those who are still fighting, and, those who yet have fights to have. 

#bepositive don’t let #ATOS & #DWP stress you too much as it will impact on your health and make you worse, no one can fully get rid of stress/anxiety but finding time to relax and practice breathing excercises might help.  Of course just because these methods work for myself they may not necessarily work for you but if you don’t try you won’t find out.  Anxiety management is a useful #copingstrategy toolset.

Anyhoo!  this is only a short post…. little note to self  LOL  😉

…because I keep waffling 😀

Thanks again for being there, wishing you all wellness and less pain 😀

Xx Carole Sian 🙂

Anxiety Management

This diaphragmatic breathing document is in Microsoft Word format >>>