Sensory overload

I can totally associate with what you write here about sensory overload I end up switching completely off and ignoring everything if I’m somewhere I can’t leave such as a train, or waiting room. Re-blogging for others to read as they will associate with you too, wishing you wellness and sending healing fluffie hugs to you 🙂

Sat on my Butt

A very frustrating part of having ME/CFS is my ability to cope with multiple conversation or noise, actually I’m not sure if that’s how to put it, but it will have too because my brain is fairly foggy this morning.

What I mean is when there are several conversations at the same time or like when the TV is on and my grandson is crying, I can handle him crying but not when the TV is on at the same time or if there is a conversation as well. The amount this affects me depends on how I’m feeling, on a bad day I just have to escape to my bedroom because it fries my brain.
Its only recently that my family have understood and not taken my actions as being stroppy, although it could be that I have just actually explained that they shouldn’t take offence because I’m just…

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