The good things about having a chronic illness

Fabulous way to look at the positives a great read and again will be great to share your positive vibes around 🙂 I go away next week and can’t wait 🙂 Enjoy your holiday and sending some of those super-soft, healing, fibro-fighting, fluffie hugs 🙂

Hope in Pain


Appreciate family and friends*

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about being in a fibro funk.  The post ended happily enough with me emerging from the funk ready to tackle another day.  That was exactly how I felt at the time.

When I started this blog I made the conscious decision to try and write only when I was feeling positive (or at the very least, not to write when I was feeling particularly negative).  The blog is called Hope in Pain after all.  I wanted both a place where I could write about my feelings as well as a place where I could send out a positive message about living with chronic pain.

The truth is, since writing about my emergence from the funk, I slipped back into it.  The slip wasn’t as bad as the first time, I wasn’t wholly immersed in said funk but let’s just…

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