Fibro funk is natural

Great positivity from a feeling of negative!
I can associate with much of what you write and am sharing it with others to help spread the positive vibes 🙂

Hope in Pain


For the past two weeks I have been in a fibro funk.  More pain, even less energy than usual, finding it harder to do simple tasks etc etc.  I guess some would call it a flare – when your symptoms become worse for a short period of time.  When I was in the pain clinic I was told that a flare lasts no more than two days.  Anything over two days is a set back.  Neither of these terms seem right however, for what I have been experiencing.  For me, when I have a flare or a set back I still have motivation.  Yes, my symptoms increase but I still have a drive to do things.  I want to get better.  As much as it hurts, I want to go for my morning walk because I know that it will help me become stronger and eventually will become easier to do.


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