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If there is anything that I have learnt over the course of my journey into external advocacy, being a research ambassador, patient expert and an advocate wearing many hats for health, patients research and pharma, it is that the way that clinical trials are being conducted is changing. This is an interesting interview with Dr Weinreb a leading genetics and lysosomal storage disease researcher located in Coral Springs, Florida. Interview with CheckRare

In this video Dr. Weinreb discusses the fact that as we learn more about diseases and illnesses, and their subtypes, that it is “becoming common for clinical trials to be more focused on small subsets of a disease to better target the therapy.”

“#Physicians of all types need to be involved with this because the #biotechnology is advancing so rapidly right now,” Neal Weinreb, MD, a leading #genetics + #lysosomal #storagedisease #researcher @CheckRare #clinicaltrial #research

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CheckRare is a learning platform for health care professionals and patients. Our platform allows users to gain insight and learn about rare diseases, current and emerging therapies, clinical trials, and the BioPharma companies behind them.

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