New data-led NHS safety strategy lets patients log concerns | Owen Hughes | Digital Health | 8 July 2019

A fresh drive to improve patient safety across the NHS will see patients able to log concerns about their care via their mobile phones.

In this day and age of ever developing technology and mobile apps it doesn’t come as any surprise to see this new opportunity from the NHS. As patients needs require much more today the role of our doctors also changes. How can they collate the data that they need in order to improve the services that they provide, rectify mistakes, communicate better with patients, but most of all improve patient outcomes.

Here at FibroFlutters we often campaign for a better communications system for patients to pass on their viewpoints, feedback, grievances and suggestions regarding their own health back to their GP’s. It is no secret that within the world of chronic illness there is a great need for such a service as this and I hope it is one that ‘chronic-lifer‘ patients will welcome.

New data-led NHS safety strategy lets patients log concerns

Caroline Dinenage, minister for care, said: “This innovative new digital service for reporting and learning from incidents will provide a more holistic way of collecting and analysing vital data to help improve care right across the NHS.

New data-led NHS safety strategy lets patients log concerns | Owen Hughes | Digital Health | 8 July 2019


New data-led NHS safety strategy lets patients log concerns

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