At last! I’m finally back online.

Hello everyone

The last few weeks have been an utter nightmare for me.

Broadband is essential for so many things, not just posting what you had for tea last night!

For me running our social media network for chronic illnesses it is essential, obviously, and I’ve been unable to keep my work flowing without it.

The inconvenience of being told the fault had nothing to do with the phone line, it’s the equipment, your phone can’t be compatible, it’s not your router, it’s not your phone line, it’s not your router…. and so on for weeks has had me in pieces.

Being unable to do what I do, write my newsletters, share relevant information, answer queries, give support, give advice. Even my land line phone was unreliable, intermittently going off meaning that source of communication was, also, constantly void.

When alone like I am all the time it doesn’t take long for such isolation to play tricks on your mind, and for me I have suffered, cried and felt completely lost with the loss of communication with my online communities. My friends, the ones who help guide me as much as I guide them.

That’s right, I have been cut off from my own avenues of support. I need support too.

Then there’s the fact I need to sort out benefits that rely on broadband and lengthy phone calls, calls that no-one in their right mind makes from a mobile! I am now having to defend my corner as I try to rectify the problem of why it’s taken so long to register moving house, becoming single, basic change of circumstances.

My mental health has gone through the ringer for a number of reasons, not all mentioned in this post. Day after day being cut off from doing the things that I really needed to do. Now I’ll wait for them to penalise me because I clearly caused it all to happen. Obviously, it’s how the DWP work isn’t it!?


Finally, I’m back online but have my benefits to sort out so the stress for me continues. At least now communication is rectified and not only can I reach out for the much needed support which I need myself, but I’m now back here for you.

Thanks to those of you who have supported me through this last few weeks, a few weeks more and hopefully, I can settle.

Honestly, not being able to do my work has been very difficult because it really did feel like I was letting you all down.

Wishing you all wellness