For the #Professionals Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates  | Featuring:  Antipsychotics Adversely Affect Adiposity and Insulin Sensitivity in Youths |  August 29 2018


For the #Professionals

Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates  | Featuring:  Antipsychotics Adversely Affect Adiposity and Insulin Sensitivity in Youths |  August 29 2018

Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates email features the latest NewsClinical Features, and Opinions for psychiatric health-care providers.

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  • Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Combined With SSRIs Possibly Effective for Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Cortisol Levels May Contribute to Global Cognitive Decline in Elderly Adults With Depression
  • Examining the Effect of Chronic Opioid Use on 2016 Presidential Voting Patterns
  • Higher Risk for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Psychiatry Interns
  • Factors of Inclusivity Promote Workforce Wellness and Engagement
  • NYU Becomes First Medical School to Cover All Tuition
  • Amount of Physical Exercise Affects Mental Health Burden
  • Teen Smoke Exposure Tied to Increase in Related Symptoms
  • Strategy Outlined for Shooter Incident in Healthcare Facility
  • Small Practices Also at Risk for Data Breaches


Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: A Comprehensive Overview


Bipolar Disorder: Is There a Hereditary Connection?

Study suggests that family history of psychiatric illness may be related to a younger age at onset of bipolar disease. See details.


Patient Safety in Psychiatry: Improving Systems and Practices 
This program is a series of 5 Clinical Dialogues taking an immersed look into the issues of patient safety in psychiatry, focusing on aggression, medication errors, handoffs, suicide risk, and elopement. 
2.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM

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Psychiatry Advisor’s Daily Updates

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Please remember that we ourselves are not medical health professionals just sharing the things we find for anyone involved with the medical healthcare industries #notjustpatients

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