Government announce opt-out system for organ donation | 5 August 2018  |   Andrew Webster

Government announce opt-out system for organ donation

5 August 2018     

It’s funny because one of the things I have saying, and I am fairly certain among many others, that I couldn’t understand why an Opt-in/out system wasn’t being considered as the best way to find out if people want to share their patient data with you.  In response to this I was informed about discussions happening for Organ Donation  purposes

In this case it is for the purpose of Organ Donation, which to be honest I thought already was an ‘opt-in/out’ system.  I have a card stating I’m a donor when I die, it was my choice to sign up for it, no-one elses’s.

Of course! that was before technological advances, and the progression in data analysis tools, for digitally recording information.  Having patient data logged in a system to make it easier for matching potential donors must be a great thing.  It will surely help to speed the process along and also help many more people before it becomes to late.

Besides which, I first signed up a long time ago but lost the card so if anything had happened the hospital would not have known.  I do have a new one now!  Naturally, people losing their donor cards was a huge bottleneck for the Organ Donation Foundation and the people who fight hard everyday to find matching donors.

Hopefully this new opt-in/out system will help to improve things for the Organ Donation Sector of the industry.

Excerpt from the article:

‘The new ‘opt-out’ system is expected to come into effect in England in spring 2020, and could lead to hundreds more people receiving life-saving transplants every year. 

The change will mean that people will be presumed to consent to donating their organs unless they register their decision to opt-out on the NHS organ donation register.’

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