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New!   Decoding Digital Medicine |  By Adam Chapman  | 19 March 2018

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With the approval of the first ‘digital medicine’ last year, a new digital wave is hitting pharma. What does it look like and how transformative is its potential?


New! What Makes a Patient Tick? |  Danielle Barron |  19 March 2018


“Earlier means a lot earlier – not only for development but in the way that we want to support patients in their day to day lives. Engaging with patient organizations is not difficult – but helping their voices be heard by institutions and payers, that is what counts.”  – Jessica Leygues, Head of Patient Associations and Institutional Patient Programs at Celgene


The New Normal |  | 

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The pharma industry is on the cusp of a new dawn, but what does it look like?”

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Apr 10, 2018 – Apr 11, 2018, Philadelphia

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 The Pharma Business Model: How to Avoid the Innovators Dilemma  |   Founder and President of Eularis.  |   

“Pharma needs to adopt the business models of tech companies if it is to flourish” – Dr Andree Bates


“The pharma industry is ripe for disruption. In the past, our value was in new, cutting-edge and effective medicines, discovered, developed, manufactured, marketed and sold by pharma. However, pharma companies are no longer alone, and competitors are coming from unexpected sources. For example, Fuji Film was once a rival of Kodak but has now been in the pharma business for a while, with plans for $921m in pharma sales by 2024 and a bigger global push into complex biologics.”


Pharma’s Place in the Digital Space  |  By Adam Chapman |  Nov 24, 2017

“Sanofi’s Chief Data Officer expounds the possibilities of digital and the role of the CDO in this burgeoning landscape”


“Tech companies have the edge over pharma because digital is built into the base of their business models and woven into the fabric of their operations, he says. In pharma, that job falls to the CDO. “Right now, we treat the CDO as an evangelist and glorified cheerleader, but the larger role is around industrializing digital as an operating model.”



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Check out the winners from eyeforpharma Barcelona & AWARDS 2018


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