Patient Voices: Fibromyalgia  |  By KAREN BARROW  |  

Patient Voices: Fibromyalgia  | NY Times | By KAREN BARROW  | 

Patient Voices is an audio-visual series that tells the stories of people living with chronic illness. Patient Voices: Fibromyalgia was originally published in March 2010.

Designed by Christian Swinehart and Rumsey Taylor


  1. Without Exercise, More Pain  |  Shanell Davis, 23, Columbus, Ga.
  2. In Pain and Losing Oneself |  Mabel Peralta, 31, Yonkers
  3. Back to Bowling  | Leon Collins, 59, Clayton, N.J.
  4. Confused by Her Disorder  |  Christine Wysocki, 33, St. Augustine, Fla.
  5. Seeking the Source of Her Symptoms  |  Amy McMullen, 50, Gold Canyon, Ariz.
  6. A Writer in Pain  |  Aliza Hausman, 29, Bronx

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