Article – – 12 Nice Things You Can Do For Someone In Pain by Anne Harding

When you’re experiencing chronic pain what things do you wish your loved ones would do for you that would help you feel better?

Maybe, a hot water bottle for your painful back or a hot bubble bath?, or, bolster cushion for under your knees?, or even something really soothing like a hot chocolate with all the trimmings?, all without being prompted by you.

Of course they are just a couple of basic examples, what about the bigger things? 🙂

The following link takes you to an article published on ‘About Health’ health magazine website ( which discusses the different things our loved ones can do for us when we are in chronic pain and follows a slideshow format making it easy to read.

12 Nice Things You Can Do For Someone In Pain  By Anne Harding  (June 2015)

Maybe letting our loved ones and care-givers know what we’d like them to do for us when we are suffering or struggling will bring us positive results.  I’m lucky because I’ve been on my journey for some time now so my hubby knows how to treat me or provide me with something useful when needed.  That doesn’t mean that we’re both perfect at communicating about it just rather we’ve been learning for some time and my hubby can tell when I’m really suffering or feeling depressed and it works both ways!!

From being there when we need to have injections or to speak to consultants to provide us with reassuring support during medical appointments to supporting our dietry choices or helping with grocery shopping our loved ones can help us with so much, but only if we communicate it with them.

This article provides many ideas for how our loved ones can help us and is based on four people affected by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who were asked about the nicest things that friends and family have done for them.

Will this article help you as a family unit to cope with your life with chronic pain and help you to create coping strategies for those times of severe symptoms and pain?

How do your loved ones help you?  What nice things do they do for you when you’re in chronic pain?

Wishing you all wellness 🙂

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