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I’m going to ask my wonderful hubby and chief chef in my house to make this as an alternative to cauliflower Cheese. 

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Buffalo Cauliflower with Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing  | | 01 February

Ranch Dressing

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Do you live a hectic lifestyle?  5 ingredient chicken recipes | Taste of Home | 

You might like these chicken recipes shared via, a fantastic variation in types, styles tastes and flavours. 

Enough to tantalise the taste buds for a little while!

Opening lines:

“You don’t need a long list of ingredients to make these tasty chicken dinners, each made with five ingredients or fewer (excluding staples like water, salt, pepper and oil). Perfect for busy weeknights!” – Taste of Home

5-Ingredient Chicken Recipes

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100 Salad Recipes | Food Network


“I’ve always thrown whatever I like onto a salad and manage to avoid using lettuce too!” > fibrofly73

100 Salad Recipes

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As Spring draws nearer and hibernation is around the corner my dietary needs change back to lighter and more frequent.  Although for medical health reasons, such as my IBS I struggle these days to eat many types of fruits and vegetables I do add them to my diet where I can though and understand their importance when fighting chronic illnesses.

Salads are fabulous way to eat fruit and vegetables and the link above will take you to a choice of 100 different salad recipe variations.  When it comes to tomatoes and peppers I choose to eat or leave when prepared by others, but at home my hubby removes the skins which I believe to be the irritants that upset my bowel.


It’s almost time to wake up

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