Could Medication Overuse Be Causing Your Headaches? Join a Study

CAPRICIOUS LESTRANGE | Could Medication Overuse Be Causing Your Headaches? Join a Study

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mots_logo_bannerHeadaches are a prevalent complaint among EDSers and it seems there’s no end to the possible reasons for them; including the very medications used to treat them. In fact, the very reason no more than 11 triptans a month are prescribed to migraine patients is because taking too many triptans can actually cause headaches. This is also true of Tylenol and Motrin; take too much or take it daily and you just might end up with a headache that won’t go away.

Recently, a study that examined how best to deal with just these types of headaches came out. The primary question the researchers hoped to answer was how best to treat these headaches and users were broken into two groups:

Methods Medication-overuse headache patients were included in a prospective, outpatient study and randomized to two months’ detoxification with either a) no analgesics or acute migraine-medication (program A), or b)…

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