Science & Research Article: New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From Any Donor | The New York Times

This is a brilliant read and well worth it, even though it is a long one, and, may take a while to get through for some  🙂

It offers hope for many people with chronic kidney disease who are waiting for a transplant, and, also makes you think about what else could be possible if scientists have achieved this. 

Altering the immune system so that patients don’t reject un-matching donor kidneys is an amazing feat, which gives many others with other Chronic Illnesses something positive to enjoy too, and, also offer them hope that a procedure can also be designed to help them in the future.

Many lives can be saved, if this procedure is correct and validated, with many sick people given a real chance rather than having a torturous wait for a donor transplant that may not come along.   Emotions are really tested from all angles and perspectives for them all.


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I don’t have kidney disease myself, but, I have had family members affected by it, and, also a few friends over the years so I know how  scary it is for the whole family unit as well as the patient.  The frustration and anxiety of not knowing whether a donor match will be found affects the whole family, and, from what I have observed, and, experienced vicariously, it is a Mentally and Physically exhausting process.

As the patient, depression is hard to fight off when you live in a world of uncertainty everyday, and faking wellness becomes habitual because you know how your illness is affecting the rest of the family.  Depression is also hard to fight off for the family members too because firstly, they can’t do anything to help the illness go away, and secondly watching their loved one live in a world of uncertainty everyday  and fearing the loss of that loved one.

Hopefully this means that being able to have a transplant from a non-matching donor could mean a lot less anguish, fear, stress and exhaustion for the whole family unit?


Do you have chronic kidney disease?

What are your thoughts?  Does this research make you feel hopeful?


Here’s the link to the full article:  New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From any donor

b  |  MARCH 9, 2016 | The New York Times | Health Pages

via New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From Any Donor – The New York Times.


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