Two Rooms Plus Utilities – Every solution breeds a problem

A real life read that you may find common ground with regarding living life with #ChronicIllness and the little things that come along, which make you think!

Talking about how our disabilities affect us can help us to understand our chronic illnesses and also to come to terms with them.

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In this installment the issues of safety and having to use specialist tools, gadgets & equipment just to get to the kitchen and back for a drink and you get that thought when you remember that you could just walk there!

Ok it isn’t as bad for me I’m still mobile even though my back, knees and hips are so painful to bear weight on.  I have the walls and bannisters to help keep me upright as well as appropriately placed sticks and crutches, and if I don’t feel very confident, or the Vertigo is out to play, then I will come down the stairs backwards or on my bum.

I have a set of stairs up to the bathroom and a set down to kitchen with no room to use a wheelchair other than my room and our hallway…. eek!

Ground floor flat which is on 3 levels 🙂

The decision as to whether to do ‘that something’ for ourselves rather than wait for assistance can put us at risk, however, I weigh up options & the level of carnage that may occur, just like Pam in this blog post.

Whatever your abilities please stay safe and be careful.

Wishing you all wellness 🙂


When I’m outside this is me in my power chair LOL  😀