12th May is International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day – SHOUT IT LOUD

Fibro is seen as an invisible illness because it’s true causes are unknown and many medical professionals still view it with the archaic thinking of it being a ‘Psychological’ illness –  Fibro isn’t real it’s all in the mind are words that echo and torture millions of sufferers World-wide!  If they won’t acknowledge Fibromyalgia as being a REAL condition then it will remain invisible.

If Fibro is invisible then what does that make me?

Is what I found myself asking this year as the rise in wishing to raise awareness became stronger and stronger and more powerful than last year. 

If Fibro is ‘invisible’ and unrecognisable as a REAL condition by medical professionals and Governing bodies then that surely means that we’re ‘invisible’ too and they obviously don’t see us either!

Fibromyalgia does exist & we as ‘fellow fibromites’ are all evidence to prove it!…

What is invisible illness?

Invisible illness/disabilities are also known as “hidden disabilities” and can hinder a person’s efforts to go to school, work, socialize, and more.

The illness/disability can create many daily challenges for the person who has it and, unfortunately, the reality of the illness/disability with its debilitations can be difficult for others to recognize or acknowledge. Others may not understand the cause of the problem, if they cannot see evidence of it in a visible way.


One way to change that is to SHOUT IT LOUD and spread awareness of the condition, tell people about it with confidence and talk about how it affects us on a day to day basis. 🙂

We can also help to raise funds for Fibro-charities that help to fund research into Fibromyalgia so that finding the causes of this illness can, potentially, happen quicker and then research into appropriate treatments can begin and Medical Education can start to acknowledge Fibromyalgia as being REAL  🙂

FIBROMYALGIA – Is a chronic pain disorder, which means that we are never truly without pain and, unfortunately, for many us the available pain treatments fail to work at helping us to control and manage it.  We often look well which makes people question our real abilities and whether we are actually sick or not………

……………. A familiar experience that most fibromites share!

The truth is that it for milions of us it is really debilitating and life-changing

Together as a unity of voices we can help to change the way that people think about Fibromyalgia through educating them about how real it is.

Together we will beat #fibro #chronicillness #invisibleillness  🙂

Please note that I am not a medical professional and all thoughts are my own

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