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The Caregiver and Patient Support Programme


July 15th | 9am New York / 2pm London / 3pm Paris

Here at FibroFlutters we have been advocating for the caregiver voice, and perspective, to be taken into account for a few years now. We even took it to the eyeforpharma Barcelona conference back in 2018 and have continued to put it forward as a must thing to do. It is fantastic to see that it is being recognised and becoming an ‘actionable’ consideration of the drug development process.

This webinar is must ‘go-to’ because it will delve in to the purpose of why the caregiver perspective is important.

A new approach to caregiver engagement and co-creation transforming insight generation, patient care and outcomes

Take a look at the caregiver landscape in the US and you will find that there were a staggering 44 million caregivers providing support last year.

Naturally, people are living longer and healthcare is fragmenting. Caregivers, can provide valuable insight into the ‘real-world patient experience’ which can provide great potential for improving outcomes through helping to increase trial recruitment, reduce participant drop-outs and increase patient retention, and develop much better relationships between patients-clinical-pharma through using better patient engagement processes.

Yet the caregiver’s role in delivering patient care is often underappreciated – their insight overlooked.

It’s time this ended.

Another cultural evolution is needed – patient centricity alone is not good enough anymore. Caregivers must also be central or care will suffer.

This webinar will be exploring how to design Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) that are also caregiver centric. It will redefine existing co-creation best practises, and outline key capability and engagement changes needed to be successful.

We’re just at the start of a new relationship. Let’s make sure it lasts.

FREE webinar The Caregiver & #PatientSupportProgramme Gain a 360-degree view of #treatmentdelivery by mapping how the #caregiver role evolves into #PSP design. #cocreation #trialretention #drugdevelopment #clinicaltrials @RE_Pharma

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Gain a 360-degree view of treatment delivery by mapping how the caregiver role evolves and varies over time into PSP design
  • Caregiver centricity: co-create tools that beat caregiver burnout and reduce care burden to ensure continuity of care
  • Use caregiver insights and iterative design processes to demystify the complexity of care delivery for better patient outcomes

Register for the webinar via this link:

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