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#ChronicIllness Morning Post | A selection of online health related newspapers/magazines/newsletters/blogs | LONG POST


How to Make Gluten-Free Lasagna with Quinoa  |  EatingWell | Daily Nosh | 3 May 2018

See how to make noodleless lasagna using quinoa instead of pasta for a gluten-free, vegetarian dinner. This healthy recipe satisfies your comfort food craving with whole grains and veggies.

#ChronicIllness Morning Post: 

My favourite daily’s

  • Focus on Disability;
  • Autoimmune / Arthritic Systemic Life; Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain;
  • UK Care Guide;
  • My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest  
  • The brain and mental health voice;
  • Psych Central Daily Newsletter – New today from Psych Central
  • Disability News Service …


Twice Daily!  news from Focus on Disability 

#carenews #careguide #care #homecare #elderly #disabled #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

For disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK

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Their mobile-friendly websites provide online support, information and products for disabled people, the elderly and their carers in the UK.
Please help their wealth of information and resources reach the disabled community by visiting them and sharing. 

Visit the link above to find all their social media links! 

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Twice Daily!  Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia® 

#HealthNews #ChronicPain  #Autoimmune  #Systemic #Dementia #Arthritis #Lupus #Sjogrens #PatientAdvocacy  #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

This paper is great for variation, and health related news for disorders that are invisible or not generally heard of.  

Rhia SteeleAll aspects of autoimmune/chronic pain illnesses, fighting to survive & grow past them, as I now stand alone to disallow these to get me down.

The Latest Health News & Related Subjects from Rhia at your fingertips

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Published author, writer, activist, Platinum Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, Advocate for WEGO Health, blog Lupus, RA, Sjogrens’, Health, patient with autoimmune illnesses, and how they can wreck life, or you can make it better, love helping others.

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Twice Daily!  news from UK Care Guide 

#carenews #careguide #care #homecare #elderly #disabled #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

A UK care news site designed to help both those going in to care and those supporting a loved one going in to care.  Their aim  is to bring together all the important information that people will need.

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Daily!  My Disability Matters News & Opinion Digest |  See TODAY’s headlines | Visit the link to sign up for their newsletter and to read latest news | 4 May 2018

#disability #disabilitynews chronicillness


Headlines for today

  • PIP assessments to be recorded but other response to MPs’ report fall short
  • Activist celebrates after Welsh Labour backs independent living campaign


Further Reading

  • Social care citizens’ assembly omits DPOs from panel of experts
  • Why short ‘unconscious bias’ programs aren’t enough to end harassment and discrimination
  • Regulator chaired by former minister resists probe into DWP’s ‘disrepute’ contract clause
  • Capes, apps and AI – what future tech holds for disabled people
  • DWP’s disrepute contract clause ‘is proof charities cannot be trusted’


Visit and sign up here for Worldwide Disability Matters DAILY News


Twice Daily!  Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain | 

#Fibro  #ME #CFS #ChronicPain #invisibleillness

Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain is out!  How it’s Costing You in Happiness, Financially and in Your Relationships!

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“Life doesn’t have to be over when you are chronically ill, you just have to reinvent yourself and what you do… Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain… We can help” – > fibromyalgia ME /publisher

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The brain and mental health voice is out! | selection by Valeria Duflot | 

#brain #mentalhealth #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

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Valeria Duflot on Paper Li

  • #Socent
  • cofounder
  • Striving for sustainable, community driven, eco-friendly innovation in the fields of health, culture, innovation and travel

Updates every couple of days!


Latest! from Psych Central  |  Psych Central  Daily Newsletter  |  3 May 2018 

#mentalhealth #depression  #anxiety #stress #chronicillness  #invisibleillness

Headlines for today  >>>

  • Find Your Rock in the Sun
  • How Self-Compassion Can Fight Perfectionism
  • Vitamin D Boosts Brain Development, Weight in Malnourished Kids
  • Holding 2 Jobs May Incur A Cost At Home

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Disability News Service (DNS) 

#disability  #disabilitynews

A great site for health and disability news 

Disability News Service (DNS) is run by John Pring, an experienced journalist who has been reporting on disability issues for nearly 20 years.

He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. 

Read more Disability News Service – About us

Visit the website to check out their latest disability news >>>


FREE EVENT – not many tickets left!  Get yours now via the link below 🙂

Burning Nights CRPS – 4th Annual national Burning Nights CRPS conference

4 November 2018 | 9:30am – 4:30pm

North East UK | Marriott Gosforth Park Hotel | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Burning Nights CRPS – 4th Annual national Burning Nights CRPS conference


Other Newsletters / Magazines / Blogs of interest including  > > >

Change around in the Chillout Lounge!

 “Inner Peace & Balance” Deep Meditation Music l Healing Music Relax Mind Body l Soothing Relax || Meditation and Healing  |  29 April 2018

* * *

 A Huge thankyou to everyone who took part in the ‘Impatient’ survey


The ‘im-patient’ Summit


We’re putting on a pharma conference where patients are the ones to design, create and implement the programme. This way, patients really are setting the agenda.

Watch this space for further developments

FibroFlutters continuously
Advocating for a Multi-Disciplinary approach to all aspects of medical healthcare. With a model approach using all the ‘stakeholders’ I’ve designed a patient’s perspective of what patient-centred care, patient-included, patient-involved, patient-centric should look like and involve, that’s everyone by the way! 
You all need to pitch in!!


Awareness Campaigns

With May 12th drawing closer campaigns are beginning to hot up as everyone is busy preparing their events and awareness drives.  So between now and then I shall endeavour to share as many as I can 🙂

Got a May 12th campaign you’d like to share, drop me an e-mail, Carole at


#MentalHealthNews  #mentalhealthnews #MentalHealthAwareness

Welcome to your NEW WEEKLY! mental health break  |  Psych Central  |  2 May 2018

A new newsletter from Psych Central with a fabulous new look and a great selection of good reads for you.

Headlines  >>>

  • How to Tell If Someone Is Cheating
  • Working Through Your Emotions with Your Hands
  • How To Tell Childhood Emotional Neglect From Borderline Personality Disorder
  • 21 Signs Your Teen Could Be Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol
  • What’s Up with Bill Cosby? A Perfect Example of the Duplicitous Narcissist

PLUS more in >>>

  • News & Views / World of Psychology / Best of Our Blogs

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#autoimmunity  #Autoimmunity

Your Autoimmunity Connection Newsletter – DrBonnie360  (May 2018) | Featuring – The Mouth: Fun, Flirty, and Full of Bacteria | Post published 25 April 2018

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Ellen M. Martin, Hailey Motooka

Opening Lines:

‘Most people have personal reasons to practice good oral hygiene, whether to get a whiter smile, have minty fresh breath to impress a date, or just to prevent cavities that require an unfun visit to the dentist. But most people are unaware that good oral hygiene is vital to maintaining a balanced relationship among the millions of bacteria that live inside your mouth!’

Read more via this link  >>>

About ‘Your Autoimmunity Connection’  >>>

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#Migraines #MigraineAwareness weekly newsletter  | Headliner:  The Difficulty of Asking for Help |  |  2 May 2018

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#Patient #ChronicBlogger  #spoonie

Music Makes Everything Better  |  Sam – My Medical Musings  |  3 May 2018


‘I still feel my pain. Each step causes sharp shocks through my body but it’s not at the forefront of my mind. That small change of allowing the music to flood my mind, allows me to complete the task I want to do. The music soothes my soul and that reduces stress, which in turn helps reduce my sense of pain.”

Read more via this link  >>>

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#Relationships & #MentalHealth

Psych Central Blog | Relationships / Sexuality | When Do You Discuss Mental Illness During Dating?  |  Mike Thornsbury, MHA Board Member  | 


‘So, how and when do you talk about your mental illness: before the first date or after your second? Perhaps you even wait for a third? It depends.

But me? I tend to bring it up in the first conversation.

I don’t like to hide things and I like everything to be in the open.’

Read more via this link  >>>

Check out and join the Psych Central community blog >>>

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Sourced from  >>> NEW WEEKLY! mental health break  |  Psych Central  |  2 May 2018



#GlutenFree #GlutenFreeLasagne  #QuinoaRecipe

How to Make Gluten-Free Lasagna with Quinoa  |  EatingWell | Daily Nosh | 3 May 2018


See how to make noodleless lasagna using quinoa instead of pasta for a gluten-free, vegetarian dinner. This healthy recipe satisfies your comfort food craving with whole grains and veggies.

Watch the video and learn how to make it via this link  >>>

Eating Well website >>>



Interesting!  #immunesystem

New study links gray hair with immune system activity and viral infection  | Public Library of Science  | 3 May 2018

Opening paragraph:

‘A new study on mice offers insights into why some people’s hair may turn gray in response to a serious illness or chronic stress. Publishing May 3 in the open access journal PLOS Biology, researchers at the National Institutes of Health and the University of Alabama, Birmingham have discovered a connection between the genes that contribute to hair color and the genes that notify our bodies of a pathogenic infection.’

Read more via this link >>>

Sourced via >>>


Diabetes Myths debunked!

Twelve diabetes myths debunked | Diabetes Self-Management |  2 May 2018

Visit the website for more articles, recipes and information >>>


Take a break from FB

The British Psychological Society (BPS) Newsletter  |  Headliner:  A five-day break from Facebook will lower your physiological stress levels  |  3 May 2018

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 #HITsm  Friday 4 April     FibroFlutters already have!

Organization Structure: Should We Break Up the Traditional Pyramid? – #HITsm Chat Topic  |  EMR and HIPAA | 

Opening paragraph to the post:

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 5/4 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by David Chou (@dchou1107) on the topic of “Organization Structure: Should We Break Up the Traditional Pyramid?”

For further information please follow the link below  >>>



This is well worth a read

Is Health Data Privacy On Its Way Out? | Anne Zieger | EMR and HIPAA 1 May 2018

Anne Zieger writes in response to reading a post entitled ‘Social Media Leaves HIPAA Irrelevant’ posted on 19 April  The link to this afore-mentioned post can be found within the opening paragraph of Anne’s post and, yes, of course the FB social media scandal does have something to do with it.

About the Author  >>>

Visit the website for more information and sign up for the newsletters  >>>

From the website:  Please note…

Copyright © 2018, All rights reserved. 
Healthcare Scene provides news, updates, white papers and webinars covering the latest in healthcare IT. Visit us online and see our network of Health IT websites at:

Latest edition! 

ARMA Newletter | Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Alliance  | May 2018

Who are ARMA? – About ARMA

Lots of things to read in this issue!


Latest!  RONNY ALLAN – LIVING WITH NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER NETwork with ronny© | RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter| 30 April 2018


Ronny’s Community Newsletter  >>>

 RonnyAllan.NET – Community Newsletter March 2018

Blog Home Page  >>>



Understanding RA Flares
Learn what a rheumatologist says about flares – and how long they can last  |  Arthritis Foundation  |  1 May 2018

Arthritis Foundation – What Experts Say About RA Flares

Visit The Arthritis Foundation website to subscribe to their newsletters and to find all kinds of information and support >>>


Are you a LUPUS survivor?
Lupus Survivors Gets a Face-lift  |  Lupus Survivors newsletter |   1 May 2018

Introductory lines to the newsletter:

This May is a month of celebration for We launched a new website with a new sleek design to showcase the many inspiring stories that so many of you have contributed.

You can check out Lupus Survivors new sleek website via the following link >>>

You can also sign up for their Newsletters too 



Latest! ‘Gluten Free’ news!!

The Celiac Scene News – May 2018

Your Gluten-Free Guide to
Victoria, Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands!
Canada! Enter to win the Everyday Gluten-Free Gourmet Contest!
Runs May 1st to May 7th. Click here!
Information taken from the Newsletter

The Celiac Scene News – May 2018

Why not pay the site a visit for news for the ‘Gluten Free’ and sign up for their Newsletter >>>


#chronicillness #chronicpain

Chronic Pain Patients – Suffering But Still Battling |  Liza Zoellick. |  National Pain report  |  27 April 2018  


‘I can’t even calculate the number of people who have messaged me with remarks relating to hope. I gave them hope. That they read something I wrote and where they had been hanging by a thread, ready to give up on things until they read my post and felt like they were not alone. When I read those messages they really get to me. I want to reach out and give a collective hug to everyone and reassure you that you are not alone

Read more via the link below >>>

Visit the website for posts and sign up for their newsletters  >>>


Latest Issue!

Happiful Magazine |  May edition – Do you want to hear a story? 

Featuring >>>

  • Raw Fruit and Vegetables Can Improve Mental Health
  • Did You Know?
    Cuban Factories Employ Storytellers to Read to Workers
  • The Mindful Living Show Returns
  • Print Subscriber Offer

Link to the newsletter >>>

Visit the happifulmag shop >>>


April 2018 Newsletter from Stress Resources  |  Pamela Ressler  |  April 2018

‘Stress Resources specializes in providing individuals and organizations with strategic, sustainable tools to build resilience and mindfulness. Our goal is to empower your creativity, productivity and leadership’  from the home page.

For more articles and information visit the Stress Resources website where you can also sign up for their newsletter  >>>



Corrected date

Latest issue!  NICE Newsletter | 25 April 2018

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE –  provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.

‘Improving health and social care through evidence-based guidance’

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Patient Newsletter  |  Headliner:  How to beat hay fever this year – Abi Millar  |  25 April 2018

About the author >>>

Opening paragraph:

‘For many people across the UK, the arrival of spring is a mixed blessing. No sooner have they shaken off the winter gloom, than they’re hit with the onset of hay fever season. Characterised by a streaming nose and itchy eyes, the condition can range in severity from annoying to debilitating.’

Read more of the Headliner via this link >>>

© Patient Platform Limited. Registered in England and Wales.

Read more articles / posts from the newsletter by following this link  >>>

Visit the Home Page and register for patient access as well as newsletters >>>

Patient work in partnership with the NHS

8 days to go!   #May12th2018  International Awareness Day 2018

Awareness campaign by Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) for May 12th International Awareness Day 2018

Please sign our to help us make some noise on international awareness day!

‘Fighting for the freedom from Fibromyalgia’ – FMAUK.




TrussyTrek 2018 – Magnetic North!

A 900 mile solo walk from Dover to Cape Wrath

Keep up to date with Paul’s Trek via the following links  >>>





An adventure raising awareness of #Fibromyalgia and supporting

Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) >>>


#Millionsmissing is a global campaign for ME health equality  |  Register for this years May 12th Campaign

CAMPAIGN #Millionsmissing – #MEAction

Visit the website for #ME information, the community and also sign up for newsletters  >>>


New Service for #caregivers, spouses, & siblings of ME sufferers!   (US)

#MEACTION | Are you a Caregiver for someone with ME? Join our Saturday call.


‘On this call we’d like to discuss (among other things) the recurring sense of loss that comes with ME (and all chronic diseases/conditions) – and in particular the sense of loss caregivers experience.

To be able to better handle the recurring sense loss, we would also like to talk about how we, as caregivers, soothe ourselves when these losses surface.’

Read more via the following link  >>>

Do you have ME?  visit the MEACTION website and join up for support and advice and the opportunity to join a community with people just like yourself  >>>



Save the Date – Second Annual Community Symposium

Second Annual
Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS
Sponsored by Open Medicine Foundation

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Paul Brest Hall, Stanford University

Newsletters via News Medical

Latest!  News Medical |Diabetes Newsletter | 16 April 2018 


News Medical |  Endocrinology  Newsletter |  10 April 2018


Latest!  News Medical |  Respiratory Diseases  23 April 2018


News Medical |Sleep Disorder Newsletter | 9 April 2018


Latest!  News Medical | Pediatrics Newsletter | 25 April 2018


Change around in the Chillout Lounge!

 “Inner Peace & Balance” Deep Meditation Music l Healing Music Relax Mind Body l Soothing Relax || Meditation and Healing  |  29 April 2018

Why not visit Meditation & Healing to see what other tubes they have?  >>>

You will find a variety of music that will help you to relax on the  – Meditation and Healing Channel.

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Here’s a few links to my favourite online newspapers for finding a variety of health related news from other Chronic Illness Bloggers & Warriors, for up to date news about health conditions such as latest research papers or people sharing hints and tips about how they cope day-to-day.

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