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Autonomic Dysfunction Sheet (PoTS) for people with EDS – HT / (h)EDS | Ehlers Danlos Support UK

Autonomic Dysfunction Sheet (PoTS)

Dr Alan Hakim MA FRCP, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, London. Professor Rodney Grahame CBE MD FRCP FACP, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, London.

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 Medical information | Autonomic Dysfunction

This post is not aimed at everyone with EDS as explained in the beginning of the paper.  It is aimed at people with (h)EDS / EDS-HT.

Below is a quote from the above peer reviewed paper that I must also stipulate that just because one person with EDS, or any other illness for that matter develops POTS, does not mean that something like POTS will happen to you too.  We are all different but in similarity to each other, ‘quite unique’, I like to say 🙂

The information in this sheet is based on symptoms regularly experienced by patients with EDS and it is backed up by published evidence and research. However, not everyone with EDS will have the same symptoms, and it is important to remember that just because you have EDS does not mean you will necessarily experience these.

IF you have (h)EDS I hope that you find this paper useful.

Many thanks for reading and wishing you all wellness and pain.

Carole Sian Xx 🙂

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