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Hypermobility disorders & EDS reclassification as of 15th March 2017

Hypermobility disorders & EDS reclassification as of 15th March 2017


If you happen to be one of us that has one these types of disorders the following link will explain not only what the changes are, but also why the changes were required.
4 years ago when I was diagnosed they changed the classification 4 months later, these changes actually occur more regularly than we realise as research brings up new ways and new genetic markers of seperately identifying them for diagnostic purposes.
Over the course of the next few weeks there will be statements regarding this released from varying related organisations as they all update their webpages.
Remember your GP’s may not be aware of these Classification changes!!
Knowing about these changes and raising awareness of them will help to create a better understanding for ourselves in the long run and not just for others.

This link takes you right to the Ehlers Danlos Society page discussing the types of EDS and how they are diagnosed
pdf link expresses ‘Your questions answered’ and is from Ehlers Danlos Society:
or visit their site…
Ehlers Danlos Society – Website>>> 

Please note that other posts prior to these changes made in March 2017 do not refer to current diagnostic criteria and even names have changed, so, please be patient while posts are updated, thank you.

Cheers for reading
Carole Scrafton (Admin FibroFlutters)

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