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Fibromyalgia, Essential Oils, and You | Fibromyalgia news Today | Robin Dix

Do you use essential oils? 

I do and have done for many year now, and I have devloped my own oil blends / recipes for varying things over the years, including blends which were multi-purpose… for economical reasons when money was tight and I couldn’afford to mix multiple bottles of oils.

This is a great read if you are thinking about an alternative treatment that you can use alongside your current medications and treatments.  However, it is advisable to find out from your GP and / or consultants etc whether there are any oils you shouldn’t use in case they clash with your current medications / treatments.  You can also speak to your pharmacist.

I have found the combination of therapies / treatments / medications helpful for me, but that doesn’t mean it is for everybody.  Plus, my combination of chronic illnesses is unique to me and not anyone else, same as you.  😉


Read about how essential oils might help you, in this column post for Fibromyalgia News Today by blogger Robin Dix  (Sept 21 2016).

Opening Paragraph

Are you familiar with essential oils? Perhaps you’ve used them before for other issues. I want to explore how essential oils may be beneficial to those of us with fibromyalgia. FYI: They are not a cure, but they can help to alleviate some symptoms, even if temporarily.

via Fibromyalgia, Essential Oils, and You

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