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There’s no excuse now!

Go on folks treat yourself


What’s your favourite dessert?

… and do these healthy recipes inspire you, which will you try first?

I love my desserts and they are often chosen as my rewards for achieving things, however and, obviously, desserts are always full of the naughty stuff we shouldn’t eat because of cholesterol and/or sugar.  Hence it’s a reward choice!  I need a fix of sugar daily and choose the healthier oat bars/biscuits to nibble on for general consumption but if I’m rewarding myself I like the messy gooey type of dessert, which are always full of bad stuff and loaded with calories.

My fave dessert is actually Banana Split which with exception to cream and ice-cream is relatively healthy.  Mine is served with fruit cocktail/salad around the ice-cream like a moat in the middle of the 2 banana halves.  I then add whipped Elmea, a cream substitute, and dowse with my own honey & dark chocolate home made sauce topped with chopped mixed nuts… drooling now! and my hubby has a banana allergy so don’t get banana splits very often and probably for the best.

Due to my JHS/EDS & Arthralgia in lower back I need to try and keep my weight down because my knees and hips prefer to slide about than stay in their sockets.

Then there’s the issue of creamy things, too much fruit and IBSd to consider 😮

Also, I’ve got to watch my cholesterol as well.

Being careful with diet when living with chronic illness appears to be something we all have to consider as well as actually making changes to the types of food we buy, but, what we actually will eat 🙂

Hope these recipes are inspirational and please do let me know if you make any and post a pic 🙂

Many thanks for reading

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Link:  Make The Healthiest Desserts Ever With Only Fruits, Nuts And Seeds – The Alternative Daily

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