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Product Review | Nrem Sleep System | Sponsored Post

Do you find it difficult to get comfortable when trying to sleep?
I do, and for a variety of reasons connected to my Arthralgia, Fibromyalgia and Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome / EDS with Chronic Pain.

When asked if ‘d like to try a ‘mattress topper’ sleep system for ‘Nrem’ via Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, I thought ‘why not?!’ it may help me to have a more comfortable sleeping experience and also help alleviate some of my pain and stiffness too.
My disclaimer is below


I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

It was nearly as big as me

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when it turned up so my hubby and I, excitedly, opened up the very large package and put it together.  It comprises of a fabric case in which you arrange a series of 10 memory foam tiles that are of 4 differing levels of softness / firmness, and, when laid in certain orders are said to help alleviate some of the pain and problems from Lower Back pain, Hip pain and Upper Back pain.

Assembling the sleep system was a bit tricky mainly due to the size of it (for a double bed), a it took 2 of us to put it together.  The case for the topper tiles is a bit snug so that the 10 tiles can’t move out of place but with 2 pairs of hands it all went together perfectly.   Awkward to zip-up for people with arthritic fingers!

This shouldn’t be an issue for future buyers/consumers as the mattress topper-system is not available like this anymore as a separate unit because it is now only being used in the topper format for trial purposes.  The sleep system is now available in mattress formats with the foam inserts making up the top 1/3 of the Nrem mattress.  Meaning it is altogether as one unit with the memory foam inserts still being interchangeable.

We did laugh when we put it on my bed because it really was something out of ‘Princess and the Pea’ fairy tale due to the new height of my bed, and almost requiring a step to get into it, I’m only 5’3″  😀

Standing on my step to take the photo!

I tried 2 of the set arrangements by Nrem to see which was best suited for myself seeing that I have terrible lower back problems & really bad hip bursitis.

The first arrangement that I tested was the one for lower back pain and I slept on this layout for 2 weeks of the product test.  Within the first week my hip bursitis reduced by approx 80%, (not scientifically measured of course!), and I couldn’t believe how baggy my clothes had gotten as a result.  Even my GP asked if I was eating ok! 😉    Of course my pain levels and mobility levels improved a little as a result too making my sleep more comfortable.  Another aspect to this sleep system on this layout for me was that I could also get out of bed easier too, and, didn’t wake up like a tortoise stuck on my back, which was frequently the case before.  All in all blissful 2 weeks.

I fell in love with Nrem 🙂

I then went away and spent some time without Nrem sleep system whilst on holiday and my bursitis flared back within days.

*   *   *

When I returned to my own bed I then switched the tiles to suit the arrangement for hip pain and wondered how my bursitis would respond to that layout after reducing so much with the one designed for lower back pain.

I didn’t even last a week and I had to ask my hubby to help change the arrangement back as I found my back problems had got worse, and, sadly back to how they were originally.   Also, my burstis continued to flare too and was completely back to how it was before I tried Nrem. I barely slept at all either due to the pain and discomfort that I found myself in.

So unfortunately, the ‘hip pain’ layout did not work for my hip pain, or, the arthralgia in my lower back where my hips were positioned within this arrangement. I was like a tortoise stuck on its back every morning, and, incredibly stiff like a cardboard cutout with very poor mobility as a result.  


However, after testing this system I can say that it has worked for me and is making my sleep life much better. As a result this has helped to improve my pain and discomfort levels when set up for lower back pain, but for everyone else without getting one and trying it you wouldn’t know if it was for you, but, if you have pain problems from arthritis / fibro / JHS /EDS etc then I would say yes, try it and see for yourself how good it is. 🙂

It dawned on me part way through the product test that I could also possibly mix up the mix a bit to try and find an even better set up for myself, and my needs, in accordance with my painful parts… but I haven’t yet.  I don’t share my bed so I can individualise it to myself and maybe when/if my hips, or, back get really bad and extra support is required in certain areas this system will also provide to be useful… afterall you can’t change an ordinary mattress can you?, to have a firmer bit here and a softer bit just there?! 🙂

As I have mentioned earlier on in the post the tiles are no longer available to purchase in the matress topper format that I have tested because they are now only being used by Nrem for trial purposes. However, if you visit the Nrem website via the link below you will find the mattresses that have been developed, by Nrem, using this fantastic system.

I love it & definitely recommend it

Many thanks for reading.

Updated 28 March 2019 – Carole aks fibrofly73


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