Relaxation can be the key to helping us to recharge our batteries when they’re feeling a bit on the flat side…

If you can then that’s a start, find somewhere where you will be comfortable and able to relax yourself from the toes up over such as bed, yoga mat or even the couch 🙂


Imagine you are on that beach drifting somewhere peaceful and undisturbed

The sand is so lovely and soft and not sticky at all from the heat of the sun…
…….. instead it massages your feet gently as you lay there listening to tropical birdsong and the lapping of the waves caressing the beach

Feel the soft warmth rise from your toes upwards through your legs to your knees and imagine them all soft and weightless….  you breathe long and deep.

Let those feelings gently move up into your pelvis and up through your back, slowly and into the nape of your neck……

Let the weightlessness now move through your arms and hands, caress the sand and feel its softness run through your fingers as you breathe long and deep once more.

You are now feeling pleasantly warm and relaxed encompassed in the softness of the sand, you pause a while and remember the aromas of the beach around you and the sounds of the sea lapping at your feet, and the lovely sea breeze help you to, again, breathe long and deep.

You can now slowly start to come back to the beach, what things can you smell that help to awaken you?

For me…….. I can smell coconut, pineapples and bananas that tickle my taste senses into sampling the memory of drinking daiquiri’s in the Summer Sun
………… and the giggles and laughter which promoted lots of good fun!!

My senses stirred with memories from long ago and slowly as I come to I savour each one


Have a go! Guided imagery is a great way to help us relax our bodies and mimic sleep, which in turn helps our bodies get rid of some of the nasty toxins that are known to contribute to our pain.  If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME this method may be beneficial to you. The Pain Management Course that I completed taught me that just 30 minutes of relaxation a day can be of tremendous help when trying to manage our pain levels, so I chose to incorporate it into my daily routine everyday.

It’s important to keep practising as it can take a number of attempts to get it right for yourself…. trust me! I have practised relaxation for a number of years and this took me a while to master but I feel the benefits of it through gaining a little extra energy to help me get through the latter part of the day as I only sleep in 2-3 1/2 hr cycles per night.

You don’t have to use what I have written but it may help as a guide for you if you haven’t done it before.

I hope you enjoy the serenity 🙂

For another example visit my post atvia fmauk forum on healthunlocked – relaxation-time – where will this path take you to

Please Note that I am not a medical professional just sharing with you 🙂

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