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Complementary Therapy – Massage for Stress Management: Get in touch with its many benefits – Mayo Clinic

Are you stressed? or, do you suffer with Chronic Anxiety and/or Depression, Chronic Pain or, live a stressful life?


How do you combat those periods of stress in your life?

Do you seek ‘talking therapy’, or, do you ‘run a hot bath’,shut the noise off’ and laze in the lovely ‘soothing aromas’ of your bubblebath?? Maybe you go for a ‘swim’, ‘run’ or out for ‘coffee with a friend’???

Would you consider seeking help through a Stress Management Programme if it were offered to you by your GP or Hospital?

Have you tried Massage as a therapeutic tool for your physical and/or mental health illnesses?  Did it help you and in what ways did it help you?  Would you have it again?


All the above questions are of course in relation to dealing with stress and the following link will take you to the website of the reknowned MAYO Clinic in the US.  The short essay-type paper is from their Stress Management pages and is all about the many benefits of massage therapy, types of massage and what each type is usually used for.  It also dicusses what to expect and the negative things that may occur.

It is great for an information sheet 🙂

Massage: Get in touch with its many benefits – Mayo Clinic.


Mayo staff advise in their paper:

Discuss the pros and cons of massage with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or have cancer or unexplained pain.



Please remember that anything you read should not replace the words of your Medical care providers, GP’s & consultants and always seek their advice before embarking on anything new regarding therapies and treatments.

Also, I am not a medical professional just a fellow Spoonie/Fibromite  sharing some info with you.



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