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Special edition Happy new year & ‘Happy birthday’ #chronicillnessVOICE 1yrs young| January 2019 ~ a health newsletter for everyone! #chronicillness #notjustpatients

‘Attending an event during the middle of hibernation was a little daunting but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from going. ‘
What a way to celebrate our newsletters 1st birthday

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Science & Healthcare newsletters

Life Science Leader Newsletter| Unique Pharma Leadership Development Techniques | 25 Jan 2019, 19:55

  • Big Pharma’s Unique Approaches To Leadership Development
  • Germany’s Plan To Foster And Grow Biopharma Innovation
  • Clinical Research M&A: A Slower Year
  • 2019: The Year Of Value-Based Healthcare

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BioPharma news via BioPharma Dive

BioPharma Dive | Weekender: High-ranking Vertex exec fired over code of conduct violations | Sat, 26 Jan, 18:03

High-ranking Vertex exec fired over code of conduct violations
Ian Smith, the company’s COO and interim CFO, is out following an investigation into “personal behavior” contrary to the company’s values.  
Opdivo questions hang over Bristol-Myers amid sales miss
The pharma wants to focus on the drug pipeline it gains by buying Celgene. But withdrawal of a key application for Opdivo has analysts wondering about the immunotherapy’s future. 
Amid controversies, J&J voted most admired pharma
The big pharma has come under fire in recent months for misrepresenting hip implant products and, to a much larger extent, its talc powder business.​ 
New FDA packaging regulations seek to break the cycle of non-adherence
The latest innovations in drug packaging have had a profound effect on patient adherence to prescribed drug schedules. Learn why this benefits patient health and how it can save your pharmaceutical company millions. 
Wall Street can’t look past AbbVie’s Humira problem
Greater-than-expected sales erosion from Humira biosimilars in Europe were a key contributor to AbbVie reporting a rare miss on fourth quarter revenue. 
FDA says user fees could run through February, as patient orgs raise alarm
While the FDA said it may be able to stretch money for drug reviews to Feb. 28, patients groups said the shutdown risks hindering access to new medicines.

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MedTech news via MedTech Dive

MedTech Dive | Weekender: Bigfoot could shake up insulin delivery market, analyst says | 26 Jan 2019, 18:03

Bigfoot could shake up insulin delivery market, analyst says
Medtronic, Dexcom and Insulet will have to contend with the developer of insulin-delivery devices targeted for launch next year, Jefferies predicts. 
Illumina TruSight assay gets FDA breakthrough designation
The DNA sequencing company is seeking clearance of the assay as a companion diagnostic. 
Hereditary colorectal cancer screen is 23andMe’s latest FDA nod
The test will look at the two most common genetic variants influencing MUTYH-associated polyposis, which can indicate heightened risk for cancers of the colon, rectum and thyroid. 
FDA expands Abbreviated 510(k) guidance, seeks predicate input
Comments by agency officials suggest FDA may be pulling back from a November proposal to limit device maker reliance on 510(k) predicate devices older than 10 years. 
Fitbit targets newest activity trackers at health, wellness plans
Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR are available solely through the company’s corporate partners and affiliates.

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Our mission is to provide busy execs like you with an overview of the industry in 60 seconds. MedTech Dive is a product of Industry Dive.
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Healthcare news via Healthcare Dive

Healthcare Dive | Weekender: Optum sues exec hired away by Amazon-Berkshire-JPM | 26 Jan 2019, 18:03

Optum sues exec hired away by Amazon-Berkshire-JPM 
The financially successful health services arm of UnitedHealth Group filed the lawsuit to protect its trade secrets from being shared by a former executive who joined the new venture in December.
Ascension eliminates exec positions amid restructuring
The move is designed to eliminate silos within the organization, CEO Anthony Tersigni said in a statement Tuesday. 
American Well rolls out acute care telehealth cart for specialty access
Typical use cases for the 760 Cart include telestroke, ICU consults and telepsychiatry, according to the company. 
Fostering innovation in healthcare

Discover innovative ways to improve patient care and reduce costs. Reach shared goals through collaborative learning. Get the white paper
Downside risk spurs provider exodus in bundled payment models, GAO says
The watchdog also found provider groups participating in any of the six bundled payment models from CMS had larger practices and higher care episode volume on average, and were more likely to be located in urban areas. 
How the shutdown is hitting healthcare: rural hospitals, public health, ACA credits
One potential problem is delayed processing of tax credits to help people pay for health insurance premiums in Affordable Care Act exchange plans. 

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Our mission is to provide busy execs like you with an overview of the industry in 60 seconds. Healthcare Dive is a product of Industry Dive.
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Tincture Takeaways – Medium | 27th Jan 2019

By: Kim Bellard

Featuring stories including:

  • Kim Bellard: Do Unto Robots As You…
  • Avery Phillips: Your Health and Where You Live: Are These Connected?
  • Praveen Tipirneni: Biotech in 2019: What to Expect As Promise Turns to Products
  • Plus more…

Jordan’s Takeaways

Hello Cas12b, goodbye Cas9. CRISPR just got a little more precise. Scientists engineer new CRISPR platform for DNA targeting, plus more…

Kim’s Takeaways

Something else about our health we don’t understand well. Everywhere in your body is tissue called fascia. Scientists are unlocking its secrets. Plus more…

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