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Serenely Sunday | A Meander through the Meadow | #NationalMeadowDay

In honour of #NationalMeadowDay I am sharing some meadow sounds compilations to help with sleep and relaxation that could be used with techniques such as Guided meditation/imagery or Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercises (PMR).

As a child I walked a lot and I used to love being out in the wilderness whether it was somewhere in the Lake District, or by the sea on The Solway Coast, or just around about the local rural locations.

I was even known to put the tent up in the garden and stay in it during Summer as well, not quite the same but did give a sense of personal space 🙂

There was, and still is, something really beautiful about being at one with Nature and hearing all the different sounds, hearing things you wouldn’t normally hear and feeling the atmosphere envelope itself around you.  The smells of farmland, the sea or woodlands and also, the wildlife was pretty cool too and not just cows and sheep, LOL 😀

I remember lots of types of butterflies and beautiful moths, dragon flies by ponds and the river, frogs, toads and not to mention all the little wild birds, the odd kestrel, or hawk, rabbits, deer, stoats…and so on…

… oh! it all depended on location of course and whether or not they showed their faces 😉

I always loved the idea of running through fields of long grasses, and wildflowers, after watching Little House on The Prairie as a child.  The way the children giggled and played as they ran meant it had to be fun!  

Of course, in my visualisation I would almost always have a picnic, or at least some sandwiches of sorts, bottle of juice and a bag of crisps 😀

Growing up where I did I was a lucky child to have access to such beautiful countryside of all kinds, with nature on my doorstep, a few buddies with peddly bikes or good walking legs….. off we’d go on adventures.  So it is easy for me to use guided imagery technique with this relaxation theme of meadows because I have such fabulous memories to recall.

Maybe you have some good memories too that you can use with these compilations to help with your relaxation exercises.  

You could use Guided imagery, or use Progressive Muscular Relaxation techniques with these soothing sounds of birdsong, bees and crickets etc.  I found it easy to drift off into my own space with the sounds but I have been doing it for a long time so have had plenty of practice, please don’t give up if it doesn’t work to begin with.  

  • It can be frustrating, initially, when trying to block out the external noises when trying to focus on relaxation, especially when you’re also trying to switch off your internal noises too! 😉  9/10 times you will be interrupted, or disturbed it is guaranteed!  
  • Pick a time which is the most appropriate, ie where you’re not likely to get calls or visitors.  Make sure your relaxation zone/environment is quiet and serene, not busy and messy as they can subconsciously play in the back of your mind as distractions.
  • Remember relaxation is a tool used to help with various chronic illnesses, including cancer, chronic pain disorders, stress and anxiety management, depression, mental health, insomnia, mobility problems and many more.  There are also varying kind of techniques for different things too.
  • Half an hour a day is enough relaxation to have in your diary!


What is guided Imagery? click this link for an overview: – Guided Imagery | overview

What is Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR)?  click this link for an overview: – Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress and Insomnia

(I have pasted some more info links below)


Come a meandering with me through the meadow….

…. Join me, I’m just kicking it back under this tree for some shade watching the clouds pass by and absorbing the freedom of nature.  It smells fresh, but is warm and there is much buzzing and birdsong to tune into.

Meadow sound effects with singing birds and crickets for sleep and relaxation

Published on YouTube Jul 6, 2016 via sound effects

Meadow sounds effects with chirping birds, crickets and buzzing bees. 1 hour relaxing time for babies and adults for sleeping and rest.


8 Hours of relaxing meadow ambience – Nature Sounds

Published on YouTube June 7, 2016  by Miracle Forest



Sunday is a day of softness and relaxation for many whether it is because of a hangover, socialising in general, or to wind down ready for work on Monday, or simply because it is the only day they actually get the chance to.

Of course any of the relaxation techniques, information, tips, or videos shared here on our posts can be used at any time and not just on a Sunday 😉


Wishing you all wellness, serenity and less pain Xxx 🙂


Something a little extra  😉 follow this link for some guided meditation >

YOU TUBE – Guided Imagery (12 minutes) Guided meditation – Deep Relaxation by:  TheHonestGuys

HOT SPOT Sites for info related to Relaxation techniques:

Also thanks to YouTube

Please remember that I am not a medical Professional just a fellow fibromite sharing some experiences and info with you and that it is usually good patient practice to speak to your GP before embarking on any type of new therapy, or treatment, to ensure that you are ok to do so. 

The above information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.  I disclaim any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.