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Feeling blue? Hugs of fluffiness on route to you | Fluffmeister

When I feel blue or in lots of pain I surround myself in purple fluffiness and get onto my very non-moving, virtual of course, purple fluffy couch and submerge myself into the softness until I feel safe, warm and not in as much pain, or, sadness. 

Whilst I’m there I also, occassionally, indulge in the finest of cakes along with fine teas, coffees or even hot chocolate depending on the level of distraction or indulgence that I want. In a virtual world no food is going to upset you or drink, perfume, sunshine or noise because they are not real but in the imagination.

One day it occurred to me that so many Fibromites /Fibro Warriors / Spoonies may like the idea of submerging themselves in the thought of the snuggly~softness when a friend gave them a hug online. A hug of fluffiness instantly creates a happy image for anyone to indulge in.   {{{{{ Fluffmeister }}}}} An online fluffie hug.

It’s all about the Power of the Mind, Power of Suggestion, the ‘Art’ of Distraction Therapy, and, a relaxation technique called Visual Imagery / Visualisation / Guided Imagery where you can take your mind wherever you’d like to.

Coupled with ‘Breathing’ exercises which are specifically designed to aid relaxation these Relaxation Techniques have worked for me for many years, but, it takes time to master so it has taken a lot of time, and, patience to find and develop my own relaxation routine for pain & stress management.

In other words…

… don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I have spent many years living with #chronicpain #anxiety #depression, and, so I have invested a lot of time into relaxation techniques as #copingstrategies to help me live daily with my illnesses, especially during the 20 years it took to finally get a definitive diagnosis of a genetic collagen disorder known as Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) with a side of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to boot! 😉 

Not to mention that, apparently, according to the Rheumatologist all my health problems were caused by the #JHS.  The Pain Consultant called me a rare complex case – No kidding! 😀

Naturally, during those 20+ years, with the help of my GP, we had already figured out a lot of things by the time of diagnosis and so I wasn’t too surprised because many other illnesses had already been ruled out.  Plus, I went to see if I had #Fibro, it was the JHS that threw me and the hubby, the #CFS  depression and anxities all just sounded like natural affiliations to the constant chronicpain and #muscoskeletal problems  😮

Sound familiar?!

Anyhoo! Getting back to it.

Just after diagnosis I found a Fibromyalgia forum where I helped out as a volunteer, it was there where Fluffmeister was born along with the idea of a {{{{ fluffie hug }}}} being so much softer than a (((( regular one )))), which to most people with chronic pain disorders, actually hurt a lot, and, even sometimes can cause bruising 😮

The original Post slogan was designed to help give comfort to anyone feeling sad, alone, anxious or depressed and/or in chronic pain.

‘If you’re feeling blue then fluffie cuddles are for you’ – Original slogan by Fluffmeister

As Fluffmeister I then created a whole virtual world of fluffiness including a full range of fluffies to give out to help ease the pain and sadness.  There were fluffy cuddles, fluffy cuddle couches, cushions, fluffies for snuggling and recliners which were also programmed to omit lovely scents of your choosing.

Questions for you to consider are –

Can you imagine being on recliner, reclining in pure fluffy softness whilst smelling sweet vanilla, musky lavender or cheeky chocolate?!  Whatever scent you like?  🙂

Which scent is your favourite and which do you miss the most? which would you choose?  and what would be your ‘fluffie’ colour of choice?

You could even imagine that you have a cup of tea, mug of hot chocolate laden with marshmallows and cream, or, even a glass of champaign to remember how it felt to drink it and savour that taste.

Sometimes I think about a nice cool pint of my fave beer whilst lounging in the sun because I can’t really do it anymore thanks to my hypersensitive skin and all the medications which I consume.  – Fluffmeister

Another aspect of Guided Imagery is to draw on a persons senses such as smells, tastes and, sounds so to a Chronic Illness Warrior / Fibromite / Spoonie with ‘Hypersensitivies’ this is an exercise for your memory to recall those favourite scents / tastes /smells you had before you became sensitive /allergic to them. Indulge without the irritation, remember to keep focussed so you don’t let the hypersensitivity take-over your avenue of thought.

Once you’re in that virtual Fluffie recliner, or, on that fluffie couch you can take your mind anywhere.

Well the scene is set and full of healing fluffiness so I shall leave it up to you to decide where you take your mind off wandering….

…. Wishing you all wellness and less pain – Fluffmeister  🙂

PS: Don’t forget about the breathing exercises!

Downloadable pdf. file > Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises


Downloadable pdf. file  PAIN TOOLKIT


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