Accessing specialist doctors faster after a brain injury

Read Michelle Munt’s post on how to access specialist doctors faster after a brain injury.

Would you consider paying for a private healthcare consultancy?

This is an interesting read for anyone who has incurred severe brain injury at some point and really needs access to see a specialist quicker than following the NHS waiting lists. However, I also think it is useful for anyone who has a chronic condition, or multiple conditions, which involves a combination of illnesses. My reasons for saying this are that it is often difficult for us to get access to specialists due to our overlapping symptoms, and comorbidities, doctors often have the knowledge to see that a specialist is required, and waiting lists to even see a GP can be as long as two weeks to begin with let alone the time we wait to see a specialist.

Michele does explain this as well, because sometimes investing money in private healthcare can speed up the process if you truly believe something is wrong and needs attention. In my opinion, only we as patients will ever understand our own bodily systems, and mechanics, and be able to tell if something is working differently to normal. We obviously know when it is time to go and get a problem checked out and waiting often isn’t an appealing option.


“Recently, I had an appointment with a Gastroenterologist in the private sector as the NHS delayed my appointment by well over six months. I suspected my digestive system was struggling as a result of my brain injury. There is so much emerging evidence on how the gut and brain are more closely linked than we ever realised before. I was suffering and decided I needed some answers quickly. I just couldn’t wait that long to get some help!”

Like Michele I also believed that you needed to be paying for private healthcare via health insurance and did not know that you could follow the route that she describes in her blog post. It is definitely worth considering.

Michelle Munt

Michelle Munt, sustained a serious brain injury in a car accident back in December 2014 and her journey to recovery has been a quite a challenge. She had to give up her career in recruitment as a result of her injuries, but has since gained the confidence to run her own business as a coach, supporting others.

Written for the CFG Law blog – Serious Injury Solicitors. Helping those affected by injury – together

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