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I designed this website deliberately to be a place for resources, and sharing information, I’ve always called it our Library. I didn’t realise how much it had grown so it now needs an overhaul and reorganising.

Sharing information

We also advocate via our newsletter #chronicillnessVOICE which is a health newsletter for everyone #notjustpatients. It has changed format many times since it began in January 2018 when I was posting morning and evening editions. As time passed by my inbox was filling up with so many newsletters from a diverse collection of places across the medical healthcare industries that I was overwhelmed by all the news. I am now restructuring a few things, and I am hoping to have a ‘daily’ #chronicillnessVOICE newsletter again in the near future as soon as I have finished organising information and posts more clearly.

In the meantime keep a look out for the special editions

Aiming for multidisciplinary approaches to medical healthcare, or patient-centricity, patients-included, etc are my reasons for this, to encourage people from different sectors to take a look at what is happening in other parts of the healthcare industries, spread the patient voice and advocate for changes where they are needed.

ChronicillnessVOICE DAILY NEWS header PAINT
One of my #chronicillnessVOICE magazine header pics

Being open to all involved with life sciences and the medical healthcare industries, including pharma, clinical research, digital, med-tech, medical devices, & even AI in medicine is a great way to keep up to date with all stakeholders as we rely on them all as patients, not just Healthcare providers.

Remember delivering health related news across our social media channels from all these areas means that we’re heavily involved, and committed, in one of our missions to share as much up to date information to those that need it.

Nuzzel News

Everyday I do publish patient, health, research & pharma industry related news, at 11 am (BST) via Nuzzel, please subscribe to get a daily dose of selected news and information into your news feed.

We also share the following diverse selection of chronic illness & medical health related paper.li s via the following link after this list:

Weekly! | The Clinical Supervision Digest

Weekly | The Perinatal Mental Health Nurse

DAILY! |  European Medical Journal

Daily! | The #MedDevMktg – pharma marketing

Daily | The Receptive Sound Therapy

The Patient Registry | Daily News & more on patient registries and their impact on healthcare today


The Immunology Daily

Twice Daily!   |   News from Focus on Disability

Daily! Above The Fold in Healthcare

Daily!  Brainless Blogger News

The Chronic pain Daily |  Support from Coach Amber Rose

The brain and mental health voice

Twice Daily! | Fibromyalgia ME Chronic Pain

Twice Daily! | Life Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Systemic Diseases & Dementia®

Twice Daily! | News from UK Care Guide

It is my future aim to be regularly producing these following newsletters under the umbrella’s of patient, health, research and pharma.

News-Medical newsletters

We also share a selection of News-Medical newsletters that cover a whole host of differing therapeutic health areas, and also other sectors of the medical healthcare industries. I do ask for readers to sign up for the ones they enjoy.

News-Medical newsletters currently listed on this site
Cervical Cancer Newsletter
Pharmacy / Pharmacology Newsletter
Dermatology Newsletter
Diabetes Newsletter
Endocrinology Newsletter
Respiratory Diseases
Sleep Disorder Newsletter
Children’s Health / Pediatrics Newsletter
Cardiology Newsletter
Alzheimer’s Newsletter
Medical Device Newsletter
Multiple Sclerosis Newsletter
Rheumatology Newsletter
Cholesterol Newsletter
Genetics Newsletter
Biochemistry Newsletter
Genomics Newsletter
Rare Diseases Newsletter
Neurology Newsletter
Parkinson’s Newsletter
Autism Newsletter

Updated monthly by Editor Carole

There are many newsletters that we subscribe to that we frequently share via our own news magazines and letters so please keep your eyes peeled for latest posts! My personal request is that you register for news into your inboxes via all the links provided.

We are also aiming to have links to a variety of Community Platforms each with differing quirks across the globe to make it easier for readers to find the kind of community they’d like to join.

There are a few other changes on the horizon to hopefully improve your reader experience

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