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Ellen Bayens | The Celiac Scene News | Issue: February 2019

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The Celiac Dietitian – Selena De Vries, RD

  • Confused about the Canada Food Guide & Celiac Disease?
  • 3 Things to Do When First Diagnosed with Celiac Disease
  • FREE! Ask the Dietitian Virtual Office Hour Every Friday

The Celiac Scene

  • Are You Gluten-Free and Curious About the Keto Diet?
  • Gluten-Free Support Groups – Share the Love!
  • What to Do When Someone You Love is Diagnosed with CD?
  • Kids With Celiac Disease Not Getting Proper Follow-Up
  • Diagnosing Celiac Disease in Children Without Biopsy
  • Could a Common Food Additive Trigger Celiac Disease?
  • Gluten-Free Options the Deal Breaker When Choosing Senior Living
  • Celiac Disease Vaccine Trials Fast Tracked in the USA

Canadian Celiac Podcasts
Sue Jennett, host of ‘A Canadian Celiac Podcast’

  • Celiac Entrepreneur – Kingston’s Happyditty! Gluten-Free Confections
  • The High Cost of Gluten-Free Food Explained
  • Gluten-Free Basics with Amy Horrock, RD
  • All-Inclusive (Gluten-Free) Resort Travel
  • Why is Kathy Smart So Positive?

‘Gluten Free Weigh In’ Podcast

  • Navigating Gluten-Free Dinners & Buffets – Week 19
  • Hanging onto Diets During Holidays – Week 20
  • Being Assertive & Exercizing- Week 21
  • Macros, Nutritional Yeast & Comfort Food- Week 22

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