This Woman Was Fired for Using CBD Oil | By Jaime A. Heidel  |  I told you I was sick 3 September 2018

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A great WARNING by a fellow chronic illness warrior, Jaime, from  the blog ‘I told you I was sick’!

This Woman Was Fired for Using CBD Oil | By   |  I told you I was sick 3 September 2018

This is a true story, nothing made-up to scare monger people using CBD oils, but rather to raise awareness about the risks if you work, or in my opinion aswell, drive and / or operate machinary. 

Maybe these oils should come with a STRICT warning like medications do, saying >>>

CAUTION – may make you drowsy so may affect cognitive abilities & also may show up blood tests for random work tests”, and be warned! also driving offences because they can, and do, test for drugs these days!!

Of course! when it comes to company policies I agree that they probably require modernising to suit current social / medical changes in order to marry-up properly, which would give workers with certain disorders a waiver for THC screening when using CBD oils/products.

Will this happen?  well through observation,, guestimation and logical reasoning I personally think it is likely that Governments could / would bring new policies in.  However, it takes at least 4 years if not longer in the UK for things like that to even get to Parliament, in the US it may be a bit quicker but the protesting would have to be large and fierce to get the message across.

Don’t worry I’ve seen the chronic communities petition for change and even supported, joined in and gladly helped with many chronic health related causes and I am positive that it can be achieved.  Changes won’t happen overnight!

~ Carole aka fibrofly73


“Everything I read said there was such a small, slim-to-none chance of the .3% THC byproduct contained ever coming up on a drug test, and that I had nothing to worry about.” 

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