September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month |  Jenny Picciotto |  National Pain Report |  1 September 2018

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Suicide Prevention has never needed more attention than it curently does with the Opioid crisis driving many #chronicpain patients to take their own lives because they cannot cope with their lives of pain anymore.  Feeling left unsupported and no other alternatives, desperation sinks in.

What a lot of people probably won’t realise is that depression and anxiety play such a large role within the lives of patients with chronic illnesses to begin with.  One has to look at the whole picture to understand why desperation leads to suicide so quickly, leaving very short windows of time for intervention.  Often symptoms go unnoticed because we are very good at hiding how we really feel.  For instance, when you have lost so many friends over time you get used to not having friends to talk about your problems with, especially when it comes to mental health.  After years of no one listening and people accusing you of making your chronic pain up there is little surpise really that suicide is the option some of us take.

Jenny Picciotto Raises awareness of Suicide Prevention through this article >>>

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month |  Jenny Picciotto |  National Pain Report |  1 September 2018


The best way to prevent a crisis from escalating is to plan ahead and decide how you will respond ahead of time. A safety plan, often composed with the help of a counselor, is a step by step process that begins with identifying certain situations, thoughts or feelings that you recognize as the warning signs of a potential crisis.

Read the whole post via this link  >>>

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month |  by Jenny Picciotto

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