Are you a ‘SAVVY’ patient? come and check it out!

Savvy is owned by patients
For too long, companies have created things for patients

— not with patients

What is Savvy?

Jen Horonjeff, PhD ~ ‘Chief Sparkplug’  &  Ronnie Sharpe ~ ‘Collaborative Maverick’ were two patients who got bored with medical healthcare innovators not taking patient voices seriously and producing product designs, services & products without proper patient insights.

To counteract this problem they have developed a ‘Patient-Led’ Platform that is co-owned, and run, all by patients for patients.  A great place to meet other people with illneses like you, other advocates and also have the opportunity to take part in ‘Savvy-Gigs’ and earn a few dollars for your time and service for the tasks which you undertake.  Contributing to research is also rewarding when you consider the fact your patient ideas are helping to make useful changes. 

Quote from Coop-MEMBERSHIP sign up page:

“Savvy makes patients the shareholders, meaning we work with patients and share our profits with them.”



It is a modern platform, with a young and fresh approach to raising and using patient-voices to help the healthcare industry produce better products, and services, with  you as the patients being the shareholders.


Do you like the sound of joining the ‘Savvy-Coop’ and wish to use your #patientvoice, meet other patients, help the healthcare industry for good purposes?  and share in the profits!

Fancy becoming a member sign up via this link below and start enjoying the Savvy experience


Fancy being a ‘Patient’ co-owner of ‘Savvy’ and start enjoying the Savvy experience as a PIONEER COOP MEMBER?

Sign up via this link



Already a member?

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New Gigs and Free Patient Passes!




Jen Horonjeff  

CEO  Savvy Cooperative Patient Platform

Winner of the eyeforpharma Most Valuable Patient Advocate Award | 10 April 2018 

16th ANNUAL  |  eyeforpharma Philadelphia & AWARDS 2018


Know your patient. Deliver real value.

>>>>> twitter:  #efpphilly <<<<<


Savvy Coop Home Page

Our mailing address is:
Savvy Cooperative
36 South 18th Ave
Suite D
Brighton, CO 80601



Please note that FibroFlutters are ‘not~affiliated’ with Savvy Coop but fully support the work that they do, and the services that they provide for patients, especially, supporting ‘patients-included’.

We hope that our readers from America will find this platform useful for support and advice too.   




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